Do I need a conduit for out door wiring?

Do I need a conduit for my wire from the solar panels to the inverter on the wall outside? If needed then what type, pvc or metal conduit is best for 1000watt?


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    If the wire is exposed, tweakers in your area become attracted to it, and steal it to sell for drugs.

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    You can buy direct burial wire... around here the gophers didn't get the NEC memo that said it was OK.

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    I would use electrical PVC. It's fairly easy to measure, cut and fit together. It protects the wiring from solar UV and critters. 

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    Advantages, disadvantages, PVC cheap and easy, Steel offers more mechanical protection, including lightning protection, but at the expense of installation cost, method 3, Teck cable, all conductors including ground, no connectors, metallic protection easy installation, really the best of both worlds, consider aluminum to save even more.
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    PVC looks like crap after two years in direct sunlight. 
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    The answer to your question is NO, you do not need to use conduit unless it is locally required. You can use USE2 or 'solar wire' and be okay with NEC code. These wires are resistant to deterioration from direct sunlight. It would look better and be better protected in conduit.
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    You can buy direct burial wire... around here the gophers didn't get the NEC memo that said it was OK.

    Somehow I was thinking he was going to bury it, ...never mind...

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