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  • TellGRBill
    I'm back  :p  You recommended setting my solar array of 175 watt solar panels:  So the max would be 4 panels 2 in series (string) and 2 strings in parallel. Looks like you have reasonable sun even in winter, this is likely to support the fridge and some lighting, phone charging and some laptop use...  Why this configuration rather than 4 panels in series?
    October 9
    • Photowhit
      I haven't looked at your specific charge controller info, It would be worth your time to! Many will post an efficiency curve, it really drops off over 4x the output voltage for many, it does list a .7 - 1.2 watt self consumption, But they just work harder, down converting from a very high voltage to a lower voltage. As they will normally produce about 75-80% of the name plate, you might look to see if it mentions over paneling the charge controller. Some can handle a good deal of over paneling, but other none. Renogy is sort of middle of the road equipment, I actually didn't see the 150 VDC or 140 VDC at -25c (-13 Fahrenheit) which is pretty good so should handle the higher voltage of 5 in series or if it's allowed 3 in series and 2 strings in parallel. This would ensure a more reliable high near 800 watts output when you need it. The math looks like 6x175= 1050 watts potential x .75 (NOCT vs STC)=787.5 watts typical output once the panel warms. NOCT - Normal Operating Cell Temperature vs Name Plate which is STC - Standard Test Conditions.