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    Most people in my area buy 18kw or larger Generac.  I bought a small generac and paired it with backup solar.  The concept " BE PREPARED " was taught by me to young scouts for years.  I can suffer without air conditioning but need to be self sufficient as much as possible.  Water from my well is number 1.  I am not much into preparing for war and or disaster but do have a few weeks food.  War and massive problems are common.  

    I am not trying to be net zero but do exercise my solar frequently and the Generac exercises and starts once a week.  Now Generac sells generator/inverter combinations.  Why have a 20kw generator that is air cooled and has a very limited duty cycle.  Unless people buy commercial grade water cooled expensive units they are easy to burn up with extended use.  You would not expect your air cooled engine on your riding mower to run for 5 days straight.  Very similar duty cycle.  Too many off grid hunting cabins or are they also bug out cabins burn up Generac generac.  The warranty usually gives only one replacement and then they tell you to shut it down more frequently and change the oil more frequently.

    With war on the horizon I can only say,  "Be prepared".
    September 17