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  • Dave
    RAJ, I am very interested in your system and any experience with Electric Car Parts, which is where it looks like you bought your batteries based on the spec sheet you posted. I am verging on ordering 96 (yes, 96!) of their Fortune 100Ah batteries as well as a BMS set up and I am desperate to hear others' experiences with the company and any other advice you would care to offer. I can be reached at [email protected] in case I fail to see a reply here which is possible because I barely found this thread and don't check nearly often enough. Thanks, hope to hear from you.
    November 2019
  • wellbuilthome
    Hi rick , it seams like I will be well built home from now on ? 
      It sure seams like someone turned off the sun at my place , it been snowing for days and down to 0 at night .
      My battery’s where looking low the other night and it’s to cold to use my c pac machine to sleep with so I tried to put the inverter into search mode 
       The inverter would start to search and the lights would blink 4 or 5 times then the inverter would turn back on for 5/6 seconds the start to search again . 
      After hunting around in the mate I found the search settings and adjusted the sensitivity from 25 to 30 and then the search mode stared to work as expected . 
     I did test the search mode last year and it worked fine at the 25 sensitivity setting .
      I ended up turning the AC power out put off and it did not search  continuously even with no load ? 
     Could I have a power leak in the inverter that keeps the inverter on ? 
      Or am I just being paranoid and just be happy with pushing the sensitivity up a little bit?
        I’m still a little fuzzy on the best way to charge my battery’s . 
         I do have my  3 1300lb concrete blocks in position for my ground mount 9 panel array but the weather has turned to crap 💩 
         My daughter Has been helping me but she gets less then Enthusiast when the temperature gets down in the single digits 
      And the snow is blowing side ways so I think the winter array will have to weight till next year . 
          I’ve have my generator in the shed with the Exhaust run outside. 
      I use 15% battery power over night , so in the morning my battery’s are around 85%  if I run the generator for one hour I shoot up to 95%  at 900 am , then we worked all day with saws compressors and power tools run off battery power .
    the next morning my battery’s are down to 75%  (  this number look higher then I would expect ) if I go a second day with out charge it would drop me to 55%  is this to low ? 
     should I just charge after a day and a half  so @ 65% 
     or just charge to 95% every morning . 
     or is there a  % of charge I don’t really want to go under ?
      I set up a timer in the shed to turn on  a 100 watt light bulb at 700am For a hour to heat the Honda from below . 
     The generator has a 11/2 “ foam board box over it when It’s not being used ,
      The generator is putting out 2000 watts up to 95% then it takes a hour to get to 100% .    Thanks John 
    November 2019