High Wattage Solar Panels

I am hoping someone can help me find panels over 400W. any ideas where i can find a supplier?


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    My first question is "why"?

    Are you trying to fit as many watts per sq ft/meter as you can? One single panel vs 2 or more smaller panels?

    Mono Crystalline panels are slightly more efficient (more watts per sq meter)...

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    Sunpower 435 watt panels. Here's the data sheet. Bear in mind you must buy them from an authorized Sunpower dealer. Not so sure it you have to buy an entire installed array but that's the only way I've ever heard of purchasing them


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    LG  NeON R modules are basically the same efficiency (watts/sq meter).  Caution - sizes vary.
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    blee0518 said:
    I am hoping someone can help me find panels over 400W. any ideas where i can find a supplier?
    You are new here, I guess we have tiptoed around what your knowledge base is...

    Do you understand that solar panels can be added in series up to 600 and some as high as 1000 volts? Very high wattage can be obtained in this manner.

    Large/high wattage panels become difficult to handle by one person, I just brought home 6 - 315 watt panels, they are roughly 77 inches by 39 inches. I'm a big guy and it was about all I could do to get them on my roof.

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