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    Hey Wayne, here's the rest of what I wrote that no one else on the forum needs to read...

    We can go fishing together too, you can show me the good holes where the lunker browns hide. I'm not a fly fisherman, I use spinners on ultralight tackle. As a casting lure, Kastmasters and gold Panther Martins are real trout killers. Back in my flying days, I flew to places like Moose Creek, ID (1u1) and the Western Slope Cutts have never seen a lure (wilderness area) so they're just aggressive like Ronnie Lott or Fred Dean. My favorite two 49ers, EVER.

    If I'm on your property, I'll pull out me solar panels and not cost you anything in electricity. I know S OR has GREAT water and I'll want to drain (and clean?) my fresh water tank and put in 100 gal of southern OR water. I'll show you my LiFePo4 batteries from China and show you how long they can last on a single charge. You can safely discharge them to 10 percent SOC and not do appreciable damage to them, just don't try to charge them in the cold, that WILL damage them. I will have a nice system that will rarely see freezing temperatures and I can put in a tiny propane heater to keep them at about 10C.

    Wayne, I will be in touch. It'll be a little bit before we have the RV, but we might drive the car up and stay at your AirBnB if it's not too costly. Thank you so much.You really made my week and it's only 1800 on Monday.


    January 15
    • WayneCedarBoats
      Great Pete!
      My email is [email protected]
      and my cell is five four one, five three one, 6926
      my wife runs the BnB and schedules availability.
      let me know your time frame and she will send you an email with a discount off the AirBnB prices, but we like to book the room on their calendar mostly and build up our reviews.
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