12 volt versus 24 volt

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Given the same system components batteries and appliance uses how much more efficent will a 24 volt system be over a 12 volt system  approx.


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    Enough to make it worthwhile.  Your inverter will work a little less, you'll have more equipment options, you can safely use more watts, and you can save a little bit on wiring.
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    I'd go 24 volt if running over 600 watts of panels. Higher voltage is more efficient and allows a superior battery configuration as a rule.  More serial - less parallel. 

    This has been discussed dozens of times in the past. Lots of info on search.

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    I wouldn't go to 24 volt for tiny systems, If you will need more than  220 amp hours at 12 volts, I'd start considering. If you need more than 440 amp hours at 12 volts, I'd go to 24 volts.
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    One example: The old Trace DR series inverters. 12 volts 3500 watts surge. 24 volts 4400 watts surge.
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    Thanks guys
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    I will always go with 24v too since it is more efficient since I use more than 440 amp hours at 12 volts.
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    Thanks for replies i decided to go with 24 volt one other question i have is there much difference going with 6 volt batteries in series versus 12 volt batteries in series for space considerations 12 volt batteries would work better for me given that i can match the amp/hrs of both i will probably consider 12 volt Deka Batteries.
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    The answer is 6V batteries are generally offered in larger capacity, therefore  larger individual cells which in turn makes the overall cell count lower to obtain an equal capacity, this results in less maintenance and reduces the need for parrallel strings which is not desirable, high Ah 2 volt cells would be the  the best choice in the lead acid world.
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