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    Hi there,
    You don't want the f*cking panels, don't buy them but calling me out in public is an a$$hole move and you know it. Oh boy, gang up on the guy who doesn't suffer fools well. At least I didn't call you out in public.

    What the hell is the matter with you? Took a shot and then ran away (by putting me on your ignore list) like a coward so you didn't have to read the reply?
    In America, any time someone speaks out against the conventional wisdom (lead-acid batteries anyone?), they are ganged-up on by those who are almost always in the majority, and told to shut up before they upset someone with their non-conventional thinking (Alexandria-Ocasio-Cortez, anyone?). Furthermore, Americans are so resistant to ANY idea not their own, they dismiss the messenger (as you are doing) with no regard to the substance of the message. Given you are 1000 miles away from the Bay Area, this comes as no surprise.
    I mean, I was just trying to help out, maybe help someone get a good deal for panels, without the expense of new, and I don't f-n appreciate being called out when that was my only intent.
    You want the panels, I got an email from the seller, there are 13 panels left so if you want any, jump fast. If you don't, why say anything? It is you, sir, who seems cantankerous. You don't want them, move on. Why the deliberate ad hominem?
    Finally, I will not be held responsible for anyone who lacks the basic desire to do for themselves. If they want to disagree, that's fine, if they think I'm a prick, fine. But that's on them to do something about it, preferably, by ignoring me. That's what I do!!!
    If you're a style-over-substance kinda guy, you will not like me. Because you told me, I know this site has an ignore function. I suggest you get over yourself and re-ignore me, or quit worrying about style over substance.
    At NAWaS, it would seem no good deed goes unpunished. #SMH
    BTW, was there a special reason you made your last statement into two sentences?

    January 8
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