MPPT solar charge controller with malfunctioning system

How can I fix the malfunction in my solar charge controller system...It just says mppt connecting..and the error indicator is always on but it doesnt indicate what is the problem..Thank you in advance


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    Welcome to the forum @ginapie1081

    Without knowing what the controller is, along with the details regarding the array arrangement it's next to impossible to offer any help. Provide as much information as possible, this will help all in providing some insight into what is going wrong.

    This will involve controller specifications, PV module  specifications and how the modules are arranged, also include battery nominal voltage and settings  along wit battery chemistry.

     Think of it as telling  a doctor I'm sick, what's wrong, he/she will begin with asking questions, the more detailed the answers, the easier it is to diagnose.
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    ....It just says mppt connecting..and the error indicator is always on but it doesnt indicate what is the problem...
    Some MPPT controllers are pretty simple and require connecting to the battery first (Like most PWM) to establish the system voltage. If connected to the solar panel/array first it may set the voltage too high.

    Also worth checking to see that you are hooking up the panels within the controllers spec's. This would be information we would want to know as well.
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