Cheap Freeze tolerant Charge Controller

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i need a chrg ctrl that can wistand -34F rated 12v at least 5A as cheap as possible. Any of you got suggestion ?

All i can find as an lcd screen on it. I doubt that gonna work.
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    I would think LCD might not be the problem you think it is unless you need to inspect the screen. I've had my Midnight classic's down to -10, but I don't check the screen. It appears to have survived ok, it does use a bit of energy at idle, so maybe warms it a bit.

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    You are starting to look at military temp specs.  commercial gear may survive but not be accurate

    That would prompt me to look into using hi-rel zeners and schottky devices to protect batteries from overcharge if this is just a winter storage situation.
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    Really cheap controllers probably won't spec an operating temperature range, Morningstar spec -40°F to 113°F,  Midnight is another -40°F to 120°F  they both  have an good reputation and excellent customer support, there may be others.
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    I've found LCD screens sorta work in the cold, but are really slow to change.  Patience is needed if you need to navigate a menu.  Plastic, metal, wiring, etc gets quite brittle in such low temps, so a light touch is also needed.  

    Fingers don't work too well for long either.  IMHO, a remote meter/control is worth the $$ :wink:
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    okay thanks guys. I am now rethinking my whole setup
    [2x Flooded  6v 210ah][12v 30a 400wMax CC]
    [5x 48w 15.9Vmp + 1x 100w 17Vmp]

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    [2x Flooded  6v 210ah][12v 30a 400wMax CC]
    [5x 48w 15.9Vmp + 1x 100w 17Vmp]

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