charging battery bank with an alternator

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hi , I have a used small 4 hp  diesel engine and a used 12 volt  60 amp car alternator both work fine , instead of connecting alternator cables straight to the battery bank to charge , is there any reason I can not connect the alternator cables into a totally separate stand alone mppt or pwm charge controller , would this work like a wind turbine and charge the battery bank .



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    I suspect the output voltage would be too low for an mppt controller.
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    ok , what if I purchased say a 24 volt alternator , would that work in principle
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    Without a voltage regulator, the alternator would probably produce enough voltage to work with  MPPT, with  a regulator it would have too low a voltage and even with a 24V regulated alternator, it would more than likely confuse the tracking of the MPPT, with each trying to take control. You could of course use the regulated 12V alternator without a controller to add current, but it's not the most efficient use of fuel, this includes the theroy with a charge controller, as the battery becomes close to fully charged the more fuel is wasted and this is the reason generators are used as backup, rather than prime charging sources.
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    thanks mcgivor , this charging procedure is only for an  emergency ,  in case all else fails , have seen an economically priced solar and wind turbine charge controller , so guess that's the way to go , not bothered about the efficiency or economics of charging the battery bank as will only use is system once in a blue noon  if at all , as I have most of the gear , I just wondered if it would work , thanks
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    Not all MPPT controllers are rated to work with a non-solar power source.  They depend on the "source" following solar PV rules, generators & chargers have vastly different impedance response
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    If the MPPT controller has a higher amp rating than the alternator, it will draw too much (unless the alternator has current limiting or a fuse).  Plus alternators require voltage to start producing power.   I agree - connect the regulated alternator directly to the batteries. 
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