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    mike95490 said:
    What's this "retired" thing folks are talking about ?
    I am not sure. I was taught it was called "critical mass"
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    Retired definition, Having left ones job and ceased to work.
    An active mind is a healthy mind, don't plan to cease work if there is not something to keep the mind active, it will atrophy very quickly, sad but true, so many have no idea what they will do with all that spare time.

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    If your chosen career is something you are passionate about and enjoy, the need to retire may never appear. OTOH If your chosen career has become unfulfilling and the thought of going to work every day is making you sick, you best hope you have prepared for retirement financially. I pity those who haven't prepared and will likely have to work till the day they die.

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    Apparently, I merely changed careers. Checking ponds, changing filters, mowing fields, burning brush piles, fixing chipper, oil changes in 2 mowers, 2 tractors, 2 generators. Battery water.........
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    I'm with Mike on this point.... once you retire you never have any quiet time, there is always something new to do every day.... and it was not on the list yesterday!
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    mike95490 said:

    Apparently, I merely changed careers. Checking ponds, changing filters, mowing fields, burning brush piles, fixing chipper, oil changes in 2 mowers, 2 tractors, 2 generators. Battery water.........

    +1 It's not that I don't enjoy working. I'll just change careers. I have a 1949 Ford F-3 that my uncle bought in the early 1970's that I'd like to finish restoring, among many other "fun" activities. :D
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    I used to work 8 hour days, 5 days a week, drinking coffee, making sure my engineers were doing something and that they were happy. Now I work my butt off 6.5 days a week, only have time for one cup of coffee, don't always stop for lunch, for a lot less pay...

    Yeah retirement is great!

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    I retired as an engineer (turned manager) in 2013. My engineering blood got had been mostly dormant for many years, but the idea of putting together a solar power system for our cabin really got it flowing again. My engineering interest along with the GREAT knowledge here on this board really got me pumped up again for our install last July (2017).

    I'm not living off grid like others here, but I'll admit that I sometimes crave that experience. The system I designed is a good 6 hrs drive from here. It's working really well, and may be for many years. But we live in suburbia, and that's OK. I don't think I could actually live full time at our cabin for many social reasons, but I love to visit it.

    Maybe more importantly for this thread: I am really, REALLY, very glad that our cabin doesn't have access to the grid. If it did, I'm not sure I would be as anxious to spend time there every summer. As it is, I go there in part because I enjoy the feeling that I am not beholding to any "service" for the time we are there. It's just on us.
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    We retired and bought some land in BFE to escape to when we had time.  Utility company wanted thousands to run a line to us so solar it is!
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    BFE is where?

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    BB. said:
    BFE is where?

    Hmmm, I forget sometimes that not everybody has been in the military.  BFE is an acronym for "Bum-F&$k Egypt which is slang for "in the middle of nowhere."

    Actually relates to the Ouachita National Forest in OK.
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    Looks like a good reason!     :D
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