Reasons We Live Off-Grid



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    There are just so many, many reasons. We love the big and little creatures and some of them are tasty too. But we've also had cougar, bobcat, bear and the occasional skunk. Like some other posts we have zero utilities except satellite TV and internet and 2 bars of terrible cell service - if you're near the booster.

    The building project was a chore. No concrete truck would climb the logging trail to get here. The foundation was built by a company as a novelty project during a slow time. Their crew had a ball - most of them camped on site. Getting two semi flatbeds of logs and materials here was another project. On and on it went. But finally it is 98% done and the project started 12 years ago.

    A big one is the noise or the lack of noise. We see some planes at altitude on they're way to and from SeaTac or PDX. So society is still (mal)functioning. We have some geese and kunekune pigs and that has changed the sounds of the forest.

    We don't own a lawn mower. We don't have a security system except for three Catahoula dogs and some long range zone alarms. We can sight in a rifle off the front porch. Permits and inspections? Never had the need and they don't want to come anyway. I could go on for quite a while.
    Two systems: 1) 2925w panels, OB VFX 3648, FM80, FNDC, 240 xformer, three SimpliPHI 3.8; 2) 780w, Morningstar 30a, Grundfos switch, controller and AC/DC pump, 8 T105. Honda EU7000is w/AGS. Champion 3100. Miller Bobcat.
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