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If you are curious about the strike outs in the signature line and see this note, here is the explanation. When we first started this off grid project the first thing was water as in drilling a well. If we had no decent water it was a done non-deal to proceed. We got good water. When we did the rest of the project it was on its own system with the well separate for obvious reasons. If water fails we are in a motel room somewhere. As time went on keeping two separate 48vdc lead battery banks was a PITB. Not just maintenance, SGs, logging, etc but change outs at battery end of life. At this point I will say that I ALWAYS had as a goal an easily sustainable system - if something happened to me and the DW had to deal with it. So the strike-outs changed over time. It started with ditching the expensive L16 batteries with the more expensive lithiums on the house system. I fell in love immediately after the shock of the purchase price. The original three worked so good I bought a 4th. We are OVER batteried. When the water well batteries were at end of life (once again) I just plain disconnected them. Bye. So long. Farewell. I plugged the well pump power into the house system. Interesting is that water well draw is a blip on the screen. Here's why: in the summer we are like Russians with Vodka. In the winter on generator it is the opposite but water well demand is low. Every once in a while I see 800 watts. Oh. that's the well and it'll be done in 15 minutes. We have two 80g pressure tanks. It is expensive to set up an off grid system. If you have grid power it gets messy. My opinion is it doesn't pencil out if you have grid power. We won't talk about tax stuff. You can do it but your neighbors pay for it.


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