400 sq ft weekender cabin, off grid, designed for cooling

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I just received my iron ridge mounting hardware that I purchased here, so figured I might as well start a build thread about my small off grid weekend place.  It's many years in the making, crazy to think I have a 10 year badge here and I'm not even close to done.  I've just completed part of the roof and hope to mount the panels if my solar feet arrive on time.  The cabin is built using advanced framing per building science corp. and is part stick framed part timber framed.  It has an R 39 roof that is vented and will have a mix of R19 and R32 walls that are also vented via site build rain screen.  The solar setup will be 260 AH at 24 volts powered by the Bogart controller/trimetric combo with 640 watts of solar and room for another string if usage ever increases.  I have loads of videos on the build so far so check out my Chanel.  This one I posted is my best edited one so far.


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    Dont worry . my 5 year project is now at year 16 . still not finished . Life gets in the way .
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    I'd wrap that OSB before nature reclaims it.
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