400 sq ft weekender cabin, off grid, designed for cooling



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    I'd run the generator at 120v to both, unless you have 240v loads.  

    The generator wouldn't be loaded that much, so not a big deal, but running 240 limits capacity to 1/2 per leg, and could be an issue if one leg was loaded much more than the other.

    I have mine wired for 120v even though I now have a 240v pump.  I figured it was better to use an autoformer for the pump rather than deal with the leg load issues.
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    Here is my final video with shoutout to NAWS at the end.  My system isn't really done but I want to move on to other topics as far as the videos are concerned.

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    Very Cool.  Great Video and set up. 
    REC TwinPeak 2 285W 3S-3P 2.6kW-STC / 1.9kW-NMOT Array / MN Solar Classic 150 / 2017 Conext SW 4024 Inverter latest firmware / OB PSX-240 Autotransfomer for load balancing / Trojan L16H-AC 435Ah bank 4S connected to Inverter with 7' of 4/0 cable / 24 volt system / Grid-Assist or Backup Solar Generator System Powering 3200Whs Daily / System went Online Oct 2017 / System, Pics and Discussion
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    Thanks Mr. M1
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    I expanded my system with stuff mostly purchased from NAWS.  I added a East and West facing array each on a new charge controller.  Still a slow work in progress but getting there.  Cabin is coming along slowly and steadily.

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    You sound pretty darned experienced while talking.
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    Ha ha, well I try my best.  I've done a couple RV installs in addition to this.   Most of what I know I learned from reading stuff here...
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    If you can get at them, taking a few of those shade creating branches that is, you will get a lot more  output for your batteries. The shade of even a small Aspen branch can cut production by 50% or more...  have fun.
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    This is one reason I built a ramada for solar and rain water collection first and put the house in later. https://www.lulu.com/en/us/shop/charles-petrie/ten-years-off-grid/paperback/product-1dgpvmym.html
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