How to get the most amp hour from your battery bank



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    Yes, your wiring is identical to the Smartgauge example. Assuming that that cable lengths are "matched", it is a acceptable method of parallel (series parallel in your case) battery bank wiring.

    Next time you buy batteries... Looking for larger AH batteries So you can have fewer parallel connections would be nice. I personally suggest that having 3 or fewer parallel connections is better. Fewer individual batteries, fewer electrical connections, and a bit less to go wrong.

    For flooded cell batteries, it is also fewer battery cells to check electrolyte levels too.

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    KC_Seven said:
    But with exception of the of my project being series-parallel, 6v to 12v, isn’t the scheme I posted above IDENTICAL to “smartgage Method 4” example? What am I missing here? 
    Yes, you are correct.

    I would suggest stacked connections, particularly with Flooded batteries, is a 'non-starter' for me.  If you do this be sure to clean and seal the connects as well as you can. Check them often for oxidation. Every connection is a potential failing point. double and triple stacked have even greater potential for problems. 
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    Yes, i suppose it is the equivalent, just drawn differently.  As long as each battery sees the same length to the inverter & charger

    Crimping - with the large cables, you will need a 20ton hydraulic crimper.  Cannot be done safely with manual or hammer style crimper.
    Sandwich the battery lugs between the cable lugs, don't stack all the cables on one side of the battery flag terminal

    w-B-w-w     not  w-w-w-B

    Use stainless bolts nuts and spring washers. use anti-size on the threads.
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