Tripplite UPS and Conext XW+ don’t play nice

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Was wondering if anyone here has experienced this issue. I have Tripplite UPS’s on two different computers on load circuits for XW6848.  Essentially double backup. Twice on my computer it just shut off the Tripplite completely failing in its uninterruptability. And last night, there was a power flicker and the Tripplite connected to my wife’s computer had shut off. Also at this time the XW+ goes into bulk charge mode even though battery nearly full. This has happened a couple other times too. We have since removed the Tripplites. Any ideas on this? Thanks.


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    Is this On Grid, or Off ?

    The XW should switch to battery as fast as UPS's do.  Are the batteries good in the UPS's  - I've seen UPS batteries go bad in 2 years, I've got a replacement one sitting on the table at the radio station now.
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    There is no logical reason the UPS would be affected by the inverter, try unplugging the UPS to verify the batteries are good. The bulk charging may be occurring because the battery voltage is below the rebulk setting value.
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    Not many reasons an XW would go into bulk, again, unless your battery voltage is really low.

    There is alot missing in your post and any help you get, or how long it takes for advice, depends on the effort you put into the post.
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    Noted XW+ reported grid under voltage at the time of the power flicker. Grid under voltage has triggered bulk charge several times over the last couple months even though battery nearly full. Don’t know why this would affect UPS’s. Batteries in UPS’s appear good as unplugging from wall just sounds alarm, but whatever being powered by UPS keeps running. System is AC coupled & grid tied. 39 x SW290 panels, 32 x Enphase M250, 7 x IQ7’s microinverters.