Can I throw solar and 220V AC line in same conduit ...........??

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Hi all....For a house wiring ..can i passng the line ac&dc(solar) in one (same) conduit ...?


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    Let me say it this way. You can swim in a rainforest river with small cuts, and maybe no piranha will bite you.

    And you can mix low voltage and high voltage AC & DC in the same pipe. But it's not legal and not advisable.

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    The magnetic interference superimposed on the DC would probably create problems, it is customary to separate conductors supplied from different sources, classes or current type , usually with a metallic barrier, so no it is definitely not good practice nor is it allowable, according to rules and regulations in most/all codes. Keep them seperate. There are rules which allow for combination in a common raceway, usually control wiring for energy optimization within a distribution panel, which is considered a raceway, but these do not apply to a conduit.

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    A jurisdiction that I used to live in even said that DC had to be in EMT. I think they may have relaxed that by allowing flex inside walls. They also want high voltage DC warning labels on the raceway.

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    For my first solar install many, many years ago (1998? something like that) the building code people initially said that even the AC from the inverter to the panel had to be in EMT. It took about a week to get that sorted out.

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    The idea is that the code folks want the "high voltage" "high energy" AC utilty power separated from network and telephone wiring for safety.

    And, if you had 12 volt wiring and 120/240 VAC wiring in the same conduit, you would need to have the same insulation rating on all wiring (600 VAC is standard in US)--Even for the 12 volt wiring.

    If the solar array wiring was for a GT inverter (200-600 VDC working voltage) for use to power the house, one could try to make the argument that both could be in the same conduit (similar voltages, both used to "power the house"). Not sure if code/inspector would allow or not.

    But having a separate DC power system (backup power, etc.) and AC mains--It would be better to have them separated in conduit/cable runs too.


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    Also, it's generally different trades working on LVDC and AC. The AC guys don't want DC guys mucking about in "their" j-boxes, and vice versa.

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