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Honda EU6500is invertor runs great but governor doesn’t .Was told the governor on carb is controlled by invertor .No increase RPMs under load. Any ideas? 


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    It could be the little motor that drives the throttle shaft esp. if it has lots of hours but troubleshooting these is just throwing parts at it, $$$$$
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    If you can get to the connectors on that throttle control motor,   you might trying to remove and reseat it/them.   Also inspect the wires to that motor. There could be some abrasion,   or Rodent nibbles on the cable.

    Just guessing,   good luck,   Vic

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    Does that model have a ECO switch ? Have you been able to get the unit to stall by overloading it?

    When was the last time you serviced/replaced the tiny in-line filter?
    See the Owners Manual for location...
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    Yea there is an ECO on it. same symptoms???  I am going to guess that the OP runs gasoline?
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    Vic said:

      " or Rodent nibbles on the cable."

    Just guessing,   good luck,   Vic

    That happened to one of mine. 
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    Why do mice enjoy chewing 25 yr old wire insulation?  :s 
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    Had mice chew through an ignition coil wire on a Honda pump.  Gotten into my Honda push mower.  Now all power equipment stored has a 1x2 framed box withg 1/4 inch mesh stapled to it.  No varmints can get in.  Pump, mower, generator.  Of course, the push mower needs the handle collapsed to fit in the box.  The only thing safe is the Husky places large enough to crawl in, and not the cavity spaces for nesting sites.

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    If you can get a volt meter (or oscilloscope) on the throttle terminals, you should see something when you switch between Eco and non Eco mode.   But it might well be a stepper motor, so it might be brief.    This would indicate if it's an upstream signal problem or a throttle/governor problem.

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