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I've had this unit in service for 10 months.  It has a very low amperage but continuous draw on it; not sure how much but it's just a residential internet modem, thats it.  One day it had no output and smells burnt.  Both green lights are lit as usual.  I opened the cover and checked the 3 fuses that are all mounted next to each other and they are good.  There is no generator tied to it or any other electronics, just the battery system which has a Morningstar solar charger connected to it.  Any ideas?


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    Sounds like a warranty claim.  I've had one, running 7 or 8 years now, powering tool battery chargers and LED string lights, on 24/7 except the worst 2-3 weeks in winter.
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    Any lightning activity in your area?
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    Any lightning activity in your area?

    Yes, probably.  How would that tie in to the system though?  I'm not sure if I'm even tied into my ground rod.  But now that you mention it, yes some big lighting.  Not sure if the failure was at the exact same time though.

    What is the best way to ground and/or protect my system in the future from lightning?

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    A strike, even indirect, can cause havoc, believe me, I've lost both an inverter and a charge controller, the inverter was taken out by a direct strike to a grounded arrestor, unfortunately there was an AC circuit in close proximity which took the induced  voltage , taking out the inverter, I was present on that occasiom, the second event occurred in my absence,, but was 5 Km away seeing a violent storm pass by where the equipment is located , upon my return there was the smell of magic smoke from the controller, is there a way to protect a system 100%, I think not.
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    Wow! I wish I knew enough to protect it better though. There is the satellite internet dish, the modem, 3 solar panels on the metal roof, the charger/controller inside the house next to the batteries and inverter.  Should I drive a ground rod and tie that gear to it?
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    If the modem is wired type (phone or cable), that could be one path. Does the modem still work?AC wiring from inverter to modem is another possible path.

    You can get devices for these paths which can offer some protection, but I suspect Mcgivor has tried many and found them not 100% effective. Still, if you live in a lightning prone area, you may want consider adding some protection even if it isn't going to completely eliminate the risk.

    Damage can occur without a direct strike and catastrophic failure, with failures occurring well after (hours-days-weeks) the event.
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    there are lots of threads on lightning...  do a search and start reading then pose a question or 2
    and the answer is YES, ground out your system but it has to  be done right...  I'm not any kind of lightning expert....
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