Low wattage smart TV (current 2017-2018) 22 to 32 inches

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Like title states I am looking for low wattage smartTV. 

I see figures all over the place. Starting from around 20w(without smart features)  up to about 80w. 
And not sure how accurate those numbers are. If brightness numbers etc. 

Any ideas or recommendations. 

I am planning on modifying an exercise bike to generate modest levels of power.  I would like to power a smart TV. While 50watts is not a deal breaker, something on lower side of things maybe 25 to 35w would be preferable. 

Also I prefer around 32 inches but would go smaller to reduce loads(within reason) 

If I manage to get bike built. I hope to have it power a charging station as well. Cellphones tables etc.  And thus saving on TV usage would be a bonus. 

Thanks for any recommendations. 
I did think about bringing a kilowatt meter to a store but  not much tv selection in that price range.  I imagine that I will be ordering TV from say Amazon or Walmart with free shipping. 

Thanks again. 
Matthew Wright 


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    Looks about right, Rick's link.My cheap 49 inch lcd/led smart TV pulls 65 watts during the day.

    Practically speaking, an average person peddling hard can acreage about 100 watts.

    Anytime you drop below power requirements, a smart TV is going to take 15 seconds or so to reboot. And if you are playing streaming media, you will have to login, select your show, and skip to last played time.

    I would suggest that you use a battery and a inverter and recharge with the bike. But that does disconnect your immediate effort from the tv.

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    I was planning on it how you suggested BB. 

    Also concerned about disconnecting experience. So not sure about wiring a or some sensor(s) in there as well.  

    So even if battery is charged if pedals were not moving it would go into a count down, with some visual or audible warning. Then cut power. Still have to figure that out. 

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    Just a wierd thought:

    Much of the power would be used in powering the display. Instead of a smart tv, a small computer could be used to monitor dc current input, ambient light conditions, and SOC of a small lithium battery. It would also handle the video streaming and brightness level of the display.

    Slack off pedalling, and the display gets dim. Speed up, it brightens. Stop, and the display goes dark, and the stream ends.

    Maybe a bit more involved than you have in mind though?
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    Are you going to power the modem, router and other gear that caries the video signal too, or just the final display ?
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    Just the final display. Not trying to save money. And the house where it will be installed is grid tied. So no real reason for the system other than personal preference. Life style changes. 

    I do hope to use bike to power all my smart. Phone and tablet needs. Personal electronics items. And TV usage.  Thus may just have me cut back on said activities but i will see when it is up and running. 

    I thought very briefly about a computer. But atleast for now am pursuing a simpler solution. I worry if things get to complicated I will not finish said project.  Even the sensor setup to make sure people keep pedaling and don't just drain battery will wait until everything else is operational. 

    I did just buy a 150wh lithium ion battery pack. (although I have not confirmed actual capacity. 
    It has integrated 5vdc, 12vdc and 120vac ports. 

    I am not sure If I will use the ac port as it is modified sine. I misread description. Other than seems okay for a project of this scale. 

    Think for TV narrowed it down to probably a Vizio 32"smart tv stated specs have it at about 26w.

    I was trying to find a roku TV but most of those are over 50w consumption. 

    Display will most likely be YouTube and Netflix. 

    I am still trying to look at my options for electric generation. 

    I would prefer to just buy something made. But I am also trying to keep all mods to exercise bike under its plastic housing. This is a recumbent style so has a passable seating arrangement. 

    Not that machine is worth anything. Just keep install cleaner. 

    If I can not find anything I may need to make something.  Thinking axial flux generator. Although will exhaust my other options first.
    Trick is I need a more pancake shaped generator at the is only about 3.5 inches of space to keep generator under housing. And out of that 3.5 inches. About .75 inches are needed for pulley. 

    Not sure that how much of that made sense. 
    Matthew Wright 

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    Raj174 said:
    Interesting spec's in that article. Smart phones went to OLED screens years ago due to lower power consumption. When enough were made, the manufacturing costs also went below that of LED. Right now, OLED TV's are quite expensive but have a better picture. 
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    I ended up getting the Vizio D32f-e1. Overall happy with it. 

    Power consumption figures appear accurate.

     On setting 100% back lit and 100 brightness. 

    Streaming via built in wifi standard Def video consumes any where from around 25 to 34 watts. 
    Mostly averaging around 28watts.

    If I turn back light down to zero percent and brightness down to 0. I get power levels around 12 to 15 watts while streaming the same video. 
    Video is still surprisingly viewable at these low levels and seems fair value if watching in a dark room. 

    I was very surprised. With these low power levels.   I am not sure how power consumption changes  when internal tuner is connected. 

    Only defect I can see is with pluto TV app.  On occasion when switching from programing stream to commercial app crashes and drop back to position as if TV is just turned on. 

    Power figures reported by watts app meter. 

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