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anyone found a nice small flex reading light that uses low wattage incandescent bulbs?????


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    ws9876 said:
    anyone found a nice small flex reading light that uses low wattage incandescent bulbs?????

    There are low wattage LED's and High wattage incandescent.

    Do you need portable battery power lights, or mains power lights ?
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    I use a little 4 watt LED lamp from Target, It's a base lamp (vs clamp light) but has flexible 14" 'arm'? plenty of light to read by. I understand that the blueish color of LED's apparently don't promote sleepiness, I try to turn it off 30 minutes before I want to fall asleep, seems to work out okay. I think my body is getting use to the idea that once the light goes out it's time to sleep.

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    ^^ LED's are not normally bluish. I was just able to buy some Daylight LED's that mimic natural sunlight. So these bulbs produce more blue light and less yellow and green light. 

    Interesting that "mood lights" that are supposed to combat the winter blues also produce more blue light per my observation. 

    Bulbs (flourescent) tend to really favor producing light in the green and yellow spectrum. Bulbs that produce more blue light almost always costs more in the past. Modern LEDS seem to be an exception. LEDS can produce any color and the costs would "seem" to all be the same. 

    OLED bulbs struggle with blue light. Last I heard, manufacturers were simply placing a blue film over normal diode since blue OLED diodes have very short lives. We have been getting OLED screens in our smartphones for years due to their greater energy efficiency.

    As for the original poster (OP), incandescents are more of a heater than a light source. 70% of the energy is consumed as heat. Plus the light is not at all a natural spectrum. It is very yellow. 

    I have been buying LED bulbs for .50 to $1 bulb here lately. Plus they last much, much longer.

    Incandescent bulbs = yech. Unless someone digs them. Then...rock on though they will be wasting energy. Our "nation" honestly doesn't seem to concerned with that. White shingles have been a special order for some time....for example.  
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    There should be lots of daylight LED lights available good for small room and reading use.
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