Does anyone have a manual or copy of for an old Heliotrope CC-30?

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I've set it up again after years in storage and am getting a negative amp reading as well as no "charging" light.
2 AGM in parallel, one 53-watt panel.  Seems wired correctly, as panel and battery voltage looks correct.  Help?


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    I think that is circa 1988, I've read that the Heliotrope cc-60 was solid state, but I would guess it has a mechanical relay with contacts that would need to be filed. I think I had to do that to my old SCC IV circa about 1990. Mine were similar to car points (if you are old enough to have filed those). As I recall (from my feeble memory) they were in a clear plastic box, it just had some small tabs through it that were bent over to hold it down. 
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    Don't use a file on contacts, if a strip of plain paper does not clean them up, try the abrasive striker strip from a matchbook.
    The fancy plating on the contacts will be destroyed with a file.
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