Capacity capped by Micro-inverter

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If I pair an Enphase IQ 6+ MICRO (290 VA) with an LG320N1C-G4 is the capacity of the Enphase going to limit my peak generation capacity.

In other words, does it make sense to install a panel with production capacity higher than 290W when paired with this micro inverter?

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    In general, a cost effective match is an mppt controller (gt inverter or charge controller) that is at least 77% of the panel's rated wattage (standard test conditions are higher output vs real operation under full sun on a warm day). You will not lose much power.

    In practice, you need to check the web site / manual for the micro inverter. They have certain requirements (wattage/voltage ratings of the solar panel) to keep their UL/NRTL Listing.

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    Yes (but rarely, so don't worry) and yes.  Enphase suggests 235W to 400 W panels.   IMO, a panel around 360W is typically ideal and even a little higher panel output than you selected would be optimal.

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