Will 2X Ulica 260P in parralell melt my Tristar TS-60?

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Currently upgrading my mothers sytem, and Ive been told recently that the panels I have are too high in voltage for a TS 60 to handle and that these panels are made only for an MPPT contoller. But looking at the Open Circut Voltage of the panels :37.8 (I will run in parralel) and the TS60 says it can handle 125V. Have not installed panels as controller hasnt arrived yet. Located in New Zealand where we get about 40% grey days and temps between -5C and 30C
Panel Info sheet : http://www.ulicasolar.com/modules2016/5BB Double Glass Poly 250w~260w.pdf
Controller info sheet: http://www.solarelectricsupply.com/fileuploader/download/download/?d=0&file=custom/upload/tristar-charge-controller-review.pdf
Batterys 3 X AGM 12V 150AH
So questions:
1 Will this melt my controller?
2 If so what controller would you reccomend on budget?
3. Is this a good alternative : https://www.amazon.com/EPEVER-Controller-Display-Battery-Charging/dp/B01GMUPGZA/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8?
Thanks in advance


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    use the Morning Star string calculator  http://string-calculator.morningstarcorp.com/   That will tell you yes or no!

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    I actually was curious, and ran the numbers, in theory I would think it would work, the charge controller can handle higher voltages, it will charge a 48 volt battery bank. They just say the solar panel is incompatible with the system voltage. Even if it worked (and it might) there would be huge losses, as you would charge a 12 volt battery bank (assuming you aren't running a 36 volt bank) and the TS-60would waste all the voltage above the charging voltage, between 13-15 volts normally. They do have a bit of literature here;


    I would ask them directly, if this will work with the panels, and let them know that you understand that there will be tremendous losses. In essence there would be no advantage to your 260 watt delivering 8.5 amps at 30.7 volts to a 150 watt panel delivering 8.5 amps at 17.5 volts. I think it's likely to work but with huge losses. The linked Renolgy is about as minimal a charge controller as you should consider, I thought there were some other options in your corner of the world.
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    Actually I had the same panels, output voltage / current different manufacturer , with a TS60 but on a 24V system  the issue was not too high a voltage but too low, 30.5 volts Vmp. Contacted Morningstar and asked the question if I could series 2 panels for 61 volts, they said no and advised me to use a MPPT controller explaining that the higher voltage would generate heat and damage the unit. Whilst it did work with the 60 cell panels in good sun, the voltage on cloudy days was insufficient, which left me 2 options replace the panels with 72 cell or go with a MPPT controller, went the controller route being cheaper than panels.

    In essence you would be in the same predicament, the voltage would be too high, the 60 cell panel would be the same as two 30 cell panels in series, in which case your options would be change to 36 cell 12V nominal or use a MPPT controller. Hope you followed my explanation. Can't comment on the controller on the link other than the price is attractive, paid a little more than double that for a Schneider 60 150.

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