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Guys I need help, I have 8 6 volts batteries I’m going to connect for 24 volts which of the below approach is the better balance one


please advise 




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    Both diagrams are essentially the same, the top as a physical layout is preferable as the jumpers are kept shorter and the positive and negative connections are diagonally opposite  which is the correct method to ballance the charge. Check the Morningstar site or other battery manufacturers for recommendations or confirmation. 
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    If you really want the best balance, measure the two currents and the voltages across each battery.  Then shuffle the batteries around  to optimize.

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    Hard to improve on the techniques here:
      and their last line:
    And finally, finally, we keep getting asked where the chargers should be connected to. We didn't address this question because it seemed so blatantly obvious where they should be connected that it never occurred to us that anyone might be unsure. The chargers should always be connected to the same points as the loads. Without exception.

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