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I have an installation where the inverter is located at the array with a 200' trench to the main service panel point of connection. The installer provided a ground rod at the array which is bonded to the array/inverter GEC & EGC.

My question is: the 200' conduit run from the inverter to the main panel has only 3 conductors [L1, L2 and N]. In searching through 690.47(A) and 250.50 - 60/64 I find ambiguous reference to including a separate GEC from the inverter to main panel.

Any insights would be appreciated.



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    Re: GEC question

    First question would be to the building inspector, as to what he is going to want. safest or not, what he wants, he gets, if you want your permit signed.

    could run bare copper $$$ in the bottom of the trench, and PVC conduit above it.
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    Re: GEC question

    The code is not that ambiguous. It requires a couple things you don't seem to have.

    1) An equipment grounding conductor for your inverter output circuit. (I'm assuming the conduit in the trench is PVC). This is a fairly important safety measure which should not be left out. Suppose you have a fault from L1 or L2 to ground in the inverter? Your breaker in the service panel will not trip.

    2) A bonding jumper between the AC and DC grounding electrodes, as required by 690.47(C)(1), in the 2011 NEC. (We are on the 2011 code now in California.)
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    Re: GEC question

    Thanks for the responses. Good answers.

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