Keep Or Sell Outback Power FX2524MT?

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I'm thinking of selling the Outback in favor of a hybrid inverter since the Outback seems geared toward Lead Acid batteries which I will never end up running again.  My thinking is it's a quality item but the battery tech is going to eventually phase out so for what I can sell it for I can likely find something that's a better fit for my needs.  I also think I would move up to a 48V system from here on out even in my mobile applications.  What are your thoughts on some of these Trace and Outback units that have no room for use with Lithium battery banks.


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    Most current inverter chargers are primarily tailored to lead acid, however using custom settings it is possible to configure to using other chemistries, the crux of the matter is moving to another nominal voltage, something which your current inverter is not capable of.

    The decision is personal, given the opportunity to move to 48V is something I personally wouldn't hesitate at, provided I could recoup some residual value from the equipment I currently have, it's a dilemma, sacrifice a working system for the sake of change, or wait for failure to make the decision for you. 

    We all know the paradox, waiting for failure is eternal, depending on success is destined to failure, only the beholder can make,the decision, if it won't make or break you,, go with what would be the best, for you, if the current equipment has served the majority of its life expectancy, ten years perhaps, it owes you nothing, any residual value is a bonus, make decisions based on what is in your best personal interest, others can't really make the decision for you, at least that's how I see things, others may differ.
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    Earlier this year I upgraded my VFX3648 to a VFXR. As McGivor mentioned I had 10+ years from it. It had developed a small problem with the AGS but otherwise worked perfectly fine.

    The older OB stuff is indeed tailored around lead batteries. The newer stuff is much more flexible for programming to accommodate lithium which I had put in place last fall. The programming for lithium was really only complicated by the fact that I was so entrenched in LA batteries that it took a while to finally believe that lithiums really are as cool as spoken of and not just advertising.

    One OB device which is completely stuck in the LA world is the FNDC. But it to is workable except for some things which are hard programed like the SOC which shows up on the Mate3x Battery Status. It is something you have to get used to when seeing the low SOC RED LED come on and you just dipped below 60%. Its a non issue but I still wish it could be adjusted to the lithiums. I solved the problem by putting a piece of tape over the RED LED. 
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