L.G. Refrigerator

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I've posted before asking about fridges, I ran into this as a possibility,
just looking for any opinions or comments about it, says it's Inverter?





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    Really small ! What is it for?     Are you married and want to stay that way?
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    Inverter based refrigerators do not generally save much energy over low consumption non inverter types, the benefits are however favorable when used in a solar application, the most important of which is the lack of starting surge associated with a regular compressor. They maintain a more stable temperature being able to modulate the compressor speed according to demand, as opposed to an on off running where throttling range is greater.

    The most efficient types, energy consumption wise, will use a linear compressor with R32A or R600A refrigerant which are not common in North America, where R134A or R410A are more commonplace Being that the linked model has no reference to the refrigerant used but dose have a linear compressor, it may be worth reaching the actual refrigerant used.
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    The reason for such a small fridge is because it's for a remote hunt/fish camp, weekend use
    and occasionally 1 week at a time.

    A quick search to LG site, in the manual it mentions the use of R600a refrigerant.
    I suppose it's probably not that bad then?

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    I looked at the fridge specifications and think it will be a good fit for your cabin. I have a fridge about the same size and figure it can hold a LOT of food. Plus it won't overpower the room like a full size would. I couldn't find anything about power consumption in the manual but can state that it is probably as good or better than my Insignia fridge which takes about 1Kw-hr per 24 hour day.
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