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  • vnaab521
    Hello Sir,
    I’m having a problem with one of my 2004 parallel stacked SW4048’s. It started dropping AC1 and switching to inverting on a regular basis (about every 10 minutes during the day, never at night or early morning) and switch back in within 5 minutes. Grid power has checked out ok and all my large loads are good. Once in a great while (maybe once every 1 or 2 months) the inverter/ charger circuit breaker trips on this same inverter. I recently disconnected the solar panels from the system and the problem inverter held until I reconnected them and it went back to acting up. Also, the cooling fan is not coming on in this inverter, is overheating causing the switching problem? Is it usually the fan motor or switch at this age and is it repairable? Your thoughts please?...thanks very much, Vic.
    August 4
  • littleharbor2
    RC, Hope this note finds you well. You were suggested to me in the hopes I can find out more about this Parallel stacking cable. Wondering if you have a few minutes to explain what the SWI/PAR cable is or where I might find info on it. I have a couple cables but cannot tell whether they are series cables or parallel cables. I may have a Parallel interface box, need to dig in my storage.
    July 23