code for array combiner to cc: disconnect or breaker?

I was wondering if a non-fused disconnect is enough. But does code require a fuse/breaker? If each string in the array has a breaker, I'm not sure why one would need a breaker/fuse for the entire array given the wire size is rated for the amperage.


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    You don't need another breaker unless the single run rating is less than Isc-array rated current.

    Having (for example) a combiner box at the array, and a single switch (rated for VDC/Current) or even a rated breaker next to the MPPT charge controller can make servicing a bit easier (local array on/off switch).

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    I have my combiner breakers outside, on the pole, where the arrays are.   I also have a handy breaker inside. When updating firmware or changing the setpoints, often the controller has to be disconnected from the array and then cold boot from the battery.  Breakers are only $20, but they sure make things easier.  
    Fuses are a bit less expensive but their contacts  are not rated to "open" a live circuit
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    I have combiners with breakers on the arrays. I currently have din mount breakers inline in a midnite panel and next to the charge controllers. But I am rewiring the PV side with some conduit and was thinking about ditching the panel and breakers for a couple disconnects.  I'm not a fan of din mount breakers.  I already have a couple spare panel mount breakers that would be fine, so I ended up buying an enclosure. I'll put the panel mount breakers in the enclosure (I'll need to cut knockouts for them) and replace the midnite panel.
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    Just make sure the panel mounted breakers are rated fo DC, as AC breakers are not suitable, with a few exceptions, which are rated for both.
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    Thanks. They are the DC ones that were cc->battery. I rewired that side of the CC and replaced those breakers with new DC breakers in the Schneider PDP.  Originally I had cc->battery breakers in one panel and pv->cc breakers in another. Legacy wiring from long ago.