Conext SW 4024 Split Phase inverter Buzz

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Hello, I just installed a Conext 4024 Split Phase inverter. When I turned it on I was immediately surprised by the buzzing sound. The sound is separate from the fan. It starts as soon as I start the inverter and does not stop. It sounds like transformer buzz but it’s quite loud. How much buzz is normal? The unit is installed near my living room and the constant sound will drive us crazy. I’ve used many inverters before (though not as powerful as this one) but never had this issue. Seems like Schneider could have mentioned this in the manual. Anyone else have this problem?


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    They do have a large transformer which will buzz at the 60 Hz frequency, depending on what it is mounted to will have an effect on amplification, mine is mounted to concrete wall on the other side of where I'm sitting and only when it's absolutely silent can I hear it, could of course be my hearing, were have you mounted it? hopefully not on an interior wall.

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    Some buzz is expected. It will become louder as loads increase.  Is there a db spec in the literature you can measure your unit against ?
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    There are several things that can aggrevate extra buzz.

    These LF inverters have extra gap in main transformer core to increase leakage inductance.  The extra leakage inductance creates an increase in equivalent series inductance that, in parallel with an output shunt capacitor, helps in filtering the PWM into a cleaner sinewave output.  This leakage inductance can couple its magnetic field into nearby components causing a buzz if they are not securely mounted.  Sometimes there is a glob of RTV adhesive on nearby components to keep them from buzzing.

    Another common cause of buzz is DC battery cables in close proximity to metal boxes with loose covers, like a DC circuit breaker box.  The battery cables create a strong 120 Hz magnetic field that can rattle metal components.  Taping battery lines together helps cancel out their fields and reduces their influence on nearby metal objects.  It also reduces their series inductance which reduces ripple voltage on inverter DC input which is hard on inverter DC input electrolytic filter capacitors.
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    Take a picture of your installation and post it !
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    I have the exact same buzzing. ill post my setup for review . ty peeps
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