The natives are restless

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Over the last 2-3 weeks, I have suddenly heard from some of my very earliest off-grid customers, that I sold batteries to when I started my business. Our AGMs don't just suddenly go belly up, they gradually decay with lots and lots of warning. Each of them said that they knew that it was about time to replace their battery bank but now they are in a very big hurry - are all running scared about where our society is headed. One of them is doing it preemptively even though she feels that she has another year or two of useful life. Geographically, we are talking Pacific Northwest, Midwest, Northeast, and Southwest. It is not regional thing.
I see this as an interesting barometric reading because of their clearly stated sense of urgency. Not that it really surprises me, but the pressure is rising. We have seen just how easily panic buying can disrupt supply chains, so plan ahead at least a little.

I always have more questions than answers. That's the nature of life.


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    Agree, I've felt it for a while on the inflation front. Still can't understand how, with the huge expansion of the money supply with "quantitative easing" we didn't show much inflation... Now it's just nuts... I'm 9 years in on a forklift battery. Might order one to replace it at 10 yrs. I don't have much if any liability next year, but it is the last year. (unless Dems expand it, understand they were trying to get that added to the last relief bill at one point.)
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    My reason exactly for ordering a spare XW and CC.
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    Some of the inflation is absorbed domestically, however much of it is exported to foreign nations that use the US dollar for settlement of debt, which is most of them. Really quite sinister, and something they have been trying to change by forming economic coalitions.
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