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I  had used N35 magnet in the construction of my magnet rotor. I now intend to use N42. What is the PROS and CONS on the efficiency  of my wind generator if I  use magnet of higher strength ?  Is the RPM of the blades going to be reduced?  Your answer will be HIGHLY APPRECIATED as I about to buy the new magnet N42  THANKS IN ADVANCE


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    I'd expect a stronger magnet to have more influence (drag) on the coils and would slow the turbine down in the same speed wind, with the same LOAD on the output.  A lot has to do with the load your batteries present the turbine, no load = higher RPMs (till it overspeeds and destroys itself)  More load = lower RPM's  (often a dead short, applied in stages, is used to slow a turbine)
      So you go to your design nomograhms and see what happens.
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    Field strength determines max amps, speed determines voltage.

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