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Anyone found a quality submersible for 100-150 ft  wells that is worth buying?  The Grundfos seem to be about 3 times an affordable  price.
How German of them.
3/4 HP is probably enough to trickle fill 50 ga   a day,yes?


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    Grundfos is a Danish company by the way, expensive yes but you get what you pay for in terms of quality, they usually have  integrated low water safety switches which cheaper ones do not, generally.

    When I compared 1/2 horsepower pumps the Grundfos  was 5 times the price of the Made in China one at a local vendor in Thailand,  I opted for the cheaper one ~$100, figuring the pump should last the one year warranty, that was 4 years ago. The quality of the water will have an effect on life expectancy, my water is extremely clean and free of grit.

    Ultimately  you pays your money and takes your chances, based on experience with Grundfos circulation pumps, they are extremely reliable, wether that crosses over to well pumps I couldn't say, but  would expect it does. 
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    My 240V 1/2hp pumps 165' at 7gpm, I can fill about 3000 gallons of tanks in a day
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    I'm having the same issues. I need to replace a 1 HP pump. I have a 230 ft well with the pump at 200. Water level is about 50 ft down. After that I have it go uphill another 180 ft. The well recharges very slow so I will draw the well down to 190 ft. What is affordable is of questionable chinese quality but even a few companies like to hid the fact that they sell chinese made pumps. 
    I was looking at RPS pumps, they want over 1250 dollars just for the pump and its made in china, likely at the same factory as the other ones. The bury that fact deep into the web page and claim its right beside the john deer china factory. Like it somehow lends quality to them. Lots of America this and that all over the page. I have yet to find a cost effective solution. I thought about a brumby pump or airlift pump but I'm not sure it will work because of the long horizontal distance between the pump and house. Manual well pumps also require heavy duty and expensive components. 400 ft of head pressure is a lot. 
    Edit: Just a tip, if you have a shallow well or even a well under 100 ft you can use a jet pump and modify it to run off a belt. Its actually very easy. slap on a 12/24/48 volt motor and a pwm controller and you have a more solar friendly and above ground pump. Easier to service. 
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    Considering I have a 1-2 person household I was realizing I could very well get by with the cistern push pump being a simple
    on demand like the RV pumps. No pressure tank. I could store 5 gallons above the kitchen sink to save some run time.
    I bet a SHurflo would last at least 2-4 years and they are only 60$.It sure would be simple.