Lithium Iron Phosphate Balancer

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Just got my new LiFePO4 battery bank and got the balancer installed.

Purchased this one from the Electric Car Parts company, it's capable of moving up to 6 amps per cell.  This is the highest capacity that I have seen to this point.  I'm charging at around 30 amps with the generator and around 50 amps absolute max with solar, the battery bank is 100ah of CALB LiFePO4.  Planning on upping this to CA180's later on with a long term goal of a system of approx. 800ah.

The batteries are very slightly used but are keeping together pretty well.  It was a very tough call on deciding whether or not to fuse the balance lines - If they are fused and the wires short out things are protected, but if the fuses blow for whatever reason and now there is no balancing, theoretically a cell can be overcharged and that could be equally as bad.

Here's a link to the video I made covering the install.


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    The ballancing boards typically need to operate at at maximum cell voltage 3.600V to perform their ballancing, in off-grid applications it's generally  not recommended to operate in the upper 5%. Usually  the cells would be ballanced initially, after which the charging voltage would be limited to a value below that threshold, typically ~28V or 3.500 VPC, in reality it will be slightly less due to voltage drop. 

    Do you have a link to the balancers so others may view the specifications? Usually a BMS would protect the batteries should a sence wire become detached for some reason by cutting charging due to eronious cell count, perhaps the ballance has something similar.

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