Conext XW 5548 Low Battery Cutout

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Good morning,

This is my first post here.  I have been searching for some time for an answer that I cannot find:

Quick overview of my setup is (9) 310w REC panels, Conext 60/150 charge controller, Conext ComBox, and Conext XW 5548.  My battery bank is (35) Nissan Leaf Gen2 modules running in 14s.  

So my issue is that I need to adjust my Low Battery Cutout to 45v, but the XW will not allow me to alter the parameter higher nor lower than 42v.  The book says the default is 46v, and the range is 40v-48v, but it will not allow to me to make any changes.

Any ideas here?  Everything else has been great, no issues.  

Thank you, I appreciate any help.


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    Don't know about the XW, but some such devices have a password protected admin/installer mode to prevent naive users from making potentially bad settings.  In user mode, some settings may be read only.

    Just a guess though.
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    When you make the changes in the combox, are you clicking the "write to floppy disk" icon to save the changes ?

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    I appreciate the replies, I wish a rookie mistake was my issue...

    When I try to save the new value, it says "The value cannot be changed" in red.

    Its odd because the book says default is 46v, but mine is at 42v...
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    In the manual is there any mention of custom settings, with the SCP there are, an installer will program these but block the user, or customer so as to prevent them from changing critical setpoints.
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    I am the admin for the system, and the installer.  All settings will alter, the exception of the low battery cutout.

    Since I am using Nissan Leaf modules, all settings are for a custom battery.  All settings are being programmed with the Combox.
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    were you able to address this issue? I have a similar setup but with Volt batteries and are weighing either this unit or an Outback. Being able to set and manage these values would be critical. 
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    I have yet to figure it out. Tech support emailed me and asked what my current settings were, then never replied again.

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    Well it definitely is adjustable as you can see the adjustment range in the specs.
    Some suggestions to try.
    power down everything. make sure the DC bus is off for 10 seconds. no wall warts powering xanbus thru combox
    make sure firmware is up to date.
    Call support with your # and get them to troubleshoot.

    The last thing I would say, is the first thing I would have done because I have an SCP in my tool bag. Ask support to lend you one or buy one. If this is for offgrid you should have one anyway.

    I use all 3 and they each have their value to me, but I do systems all over the place. An SCP, combox, and the config tool.

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    I shouldn't need an SCP if the ComBox can configure everything.  Firmware is up to date, that was the first thing I did when commissioning the system.  

    Its strange that the LBCO is the only setting that will not alter, I don't have any issues with any other parameter.
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    If you have not already done so you may have to put the inverter in standby to make a change. Refer to posting title Schneider sw 4048 started by latinhawk post #2.  
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    ^^^^ There is something I have not tried.  Will do in the morning.

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    Well, problem solved.  Even though the first thing I did was update the firmware when I powered on the XW, I suppose I should have manually done a "FACTORY RESET" right after.  I am now able to adjust my LBCO.

    Thank you all who chimed in to help, I appreciate it.
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