is it possible for a generator and inverter to share the load?

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I have a 2.9KW gen that will not Start the air conditioner unless every other load is off. so my question: is there a way to connect an inverter to the electrical system so that a battery fed inverter can share the load when heavy loads start, and just be in standby when not needed?


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    Check out the Victron Multiplus with PowerAssist.   But don't be surprised if it's cheaper to buy a larger generator.

    You probably already have a battery, but if not, the Renogy Lithium-Iron Phosphate 12V batteries appear to be a good match (for 12V).  Lots of cycles, less sensitive to heat, lots of short term amps (charging and discharging).

    In some cases, using capacitors (with or without a battery) might be interesting.

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    It is called Gen Support from the folks who first made it happen. Schneider Electric. Look at XW+ and CSW inverters.
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    the Schneider  XW series that I have ( xw-6048 ) when programed properly, provides generator support to a small genset for heavy loads and as the load fades away, battery charging resumes.   But you must program the AC2 (gen) input settings properly, or you will be disappointed.
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    Thank you for you help! I also found the Schneider Electric Conext SW 4048 230 Inverter/Charger which is a little cheaper than the XW. although I have decided to go with the Victron so that I do not need to add a 48v bank to my boat. these suggestions were exactly what I was hoping for, but could not find on my own.

    BTW, my gen set is diesel so these options are still cheaper to replacing a great and reliable gen. but thanks again, I really appreciate your guys help. 

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    There are also soft start devices that can be added to an AC compressor. They are 240v devices and I don't know what the AC compressor on your boat runs on.
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    Wouldn't you just need a hybrid inverter?  Like one of these:   They are used on RV's all the time so you can add power from your batteries when the genny cant provide enough power.   -Bill
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