Need Replacement Invert Advice.

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OK, question for serious folks off grid .What is the better inverter in the 1500 to 2000 watt range with battery charging. Midnight, Magnum, Outback Xantrax . Had a customer email today, lighting got her unit. I sold and installed her a setup 25 years ago. She needs to pump water, I am sure pump is 1/2 horse. original setup was with the famous Trace DR 1500, a real work horse, then a Xantrax. Cheers 


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    Kind of you get what you pay for . I have the outback fxr  happy with it . I like the way it slowly ramps up when charging .You do however need a mate to change its many parameters, however once programmed it can have the mate removed .
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    One would be inclined to answer replace with the same brand, 25 years service is impressive, but there are more players in the market with a solid reputation, brand loyalty may influence answers to some degree, the higher end units are probably all good so it would come down to features, warranty and price, I would think.  
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    Was Schneider left out on purpose or just not available?
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