Genius US company makes iron battery that competes cost wise with lithium!

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Not the video I wanted but you get the idea. ESS makes iron/saltwater flow batteries that go into 40' shipping containers. Thus offering 50 kilowatts of energy. "Enough to supply a block for four hours." Plus the price competes with lithium!

Simply built, the parts are available at Home Depot. Did I mention that the price competes with lithium?

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    I won't live long enough to see this in RVs.
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    Is there a version that could fit on my wall in my garage?
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    At the moment, focused more on the industrial scale - A pity, as no reason it couldn't be on a residential scale:


    A 17,000 lb semi-trailer full of gear gets you a 40 kWw / 400 KWhr system ....
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    Although not exactly the same electrolyte, the zinc bromine flow battery offering from Redflow is of residential scale.

    This article has some interesting information with regard to flow batteries not being practical in small scale residential applications.

    Random reading material should one be interested.
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    Who needs a generator for off-grid low solar periods - just haul your battery trailer into town and have it recharged :-).
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