Just purchased a Victron 702 battery monitor for our boat. I would like it to monitor the status of both my house battery bank (12 volt system) and my solar production (535 watts through a Morningstar MPPT controller). I don't think it is as simple as putting the negative wire from the solar controller to the load side of the shunt (or in my case a bus bar that feeds the shunt), but don't know how to do it. Any ideas?


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    where do you want to monitor it from? Home or on the boat?
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    You can not monitor solar production only what you are able to pass through the shunt. Off grid solar must be wasteful to properly charge batteries.
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    I think it is as simple as that. The Victron (properly wired) measures current to/from the battery. That is all.

    There will be some assumptions or settable parameters for battery charging efficiency and what defines a full battery. None of these can or will be entirely accurate, so the meter will tend to drift to some extent. It's not an issue with Victron meters in particular, ,just a fact of life with SOC meters in general.

    The meter can give you a net amp number across the shunt to/from the battery, but can't tell you what solar production is if there are loads being supplied as well as battery charging. The controller may be able to give you that. Absent loads other than battery charging, whatever is going across the shunt to the bank IS the solar production. Panels won't produce more than loads draw.
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    Solar production data may be available via the charge controller's communications port, depending on which model you have. If it's a MPPT 30 or 45, data is available via the serial port and can be monitored with MS View on a laptop PC. If it's
     a MPPT 60, data is sent by means of an ethernet connection and again can be monitored with MS View on a laptop PC. These connections are described in their respective manuals.

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    The meter has a shunt which measures current.  You can likely place that shunt anywhere, and measure 1 thing.
    2 meters=2 shunts=2 measurements  but as was mentioned earlier, many charge controllers can measure their own production, and if your inverter can measure loads, you can cover all bases
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