Solar inverter MUST brand from china

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Anybody knows about this company  or other chinese  inverters manufacturers. MUST offers only one year warranty.

But the price are fair I think

Plse let me know


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    The brand is quite common in Asia and see them in stores here but haven't tried one, if the price is right try one out, you might be pleasantly surprised.
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    Did  you check out your reply to the question you asked yesterday?
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    Hi Robocop - we are a solar company and know of MUST in china - have been there recently-service is not existent, you will pay for every thing - we had complete shipments 5 ubits at the time blow up in the first day of test.Toget this fixed it took MUST nearly 1 year - so be carefull
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    there is also e web site "" this will give you some idea of Chinese factories.After working there for nearly 6 years - there are not many "real" factories.They are mostly giant assembly plants - and MUST is one of them
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    I am running the PH3000 from MUST..........
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    Hi Gi Solar you have been there for 6 yrs?

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    hi i both one pv4000 it last 16 months the control board is completly corroded try to get to buy a new control board but they can not deliver one very bad service very bad
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    I'm not happy about most of the reviews I've read here regarding MUST inverters. From personal experience, they sound mostly like hearsay. Or the people who've bothered to post are those with bad experiences. I've been using inverters for a wee bit over 20 years and began using the Must brands in 2014, starting with the PowerStar Voltron or VIL line. ALL those I have installed for clients are still alive and well, ranging from 12V 1.5kW to 48V 6kW inverters (I prefer using their kW as opposed to their kVA ratings; they generally have a power factor of 0.75 - 0.8+). I own a 24V 3kW unit and have an identical one installed for my dad. They have excellent surge ratings (300%) and I used mine with an arc welder a few times, which was pushing it to 220% of its rated power (the display is pretty accurate).

    I also own the Power Star IR 48V 3kW unit (my primary inverter) and its about 4 years old too. I have installed 2 of such units for clients. They have a lower LVD than the Voltron series and are touted to be "Solar inverters" (whatever that means).

    They're quite heavy as they have large copper winding transformers in them ([12V & 24V] 1kW -3kW have 1 transformer; [48V] 4kW - 6kW have 2 transformers). There are larger output capacities available but I've had no reason to install them.  For kicks, I made a 3-phase installation using 3 of them, one per phase. Neutral wiring was a headache.

    As a plus, they're near indestructible and handle every type of load excellently (inductive, resistive, capacitive and whatnot mixed types). They have 8 - 9 preset charging programs for different lead acid battery types (including an EQUALIZE setting). Variable charging current (25%. 50%, 75% and 100% of max rated). Spare boards (inverting and charging boards) abound. Sturdy design with full metal body. Easy access to innards, if you feel the urge to tweak stuff (I had to do something about the fan's thermostat as I wasn't comfortable with it running at 60°C when loads are below 12% rated capacity).

    Major negative is the smaller units have an idle consumption of about 100 - 110W and the bigger ones up to nearly twice this (seems proportional to the number of transformers per unit). Second is the fixed LVD.

    For more info, I'd gladly answer. You could PM me
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    Gsolar said:
    there is also e web site "" this will give you some idea of Chinese factories.After working there for nearly 6 years - there are not many "real" factories.They are mostly giant assembly plants - and MUST is one of them
    Well, largely true for many others but Must actually manufactures and actually has R&D departments for that purpose.

    misuraca said:
    hi i both one pv4000 it last 16 months the control board is completly corroded try to get to bay a new control board but they can not dilliver one very bad service very bad
    There are numerous Must brands, many fitting into the assembly type stated by Gsolar. You should note that they manufacture for many companies (assemblers) which merely add the Must tag to their products. I got my products after doing my research. If you must stake your goat, do it on the two I had mentioned in my previous post. 4 years for a cheap inverter seems more than reasonable. I've had worse track record with Victron, Outback and Xantrex.

    Be aware that electronics are known to fail right out of the factory. That's where the warranty comes in. I'm not sure of their warranty status in the States but another Chinese company which makes charge controllers, EpSolar has wowed me time and time again
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    I'm now in the need of an offgrid 24V/AC230V inverter mostly to run my small fridge (120W), but also occasionally running my power tool (2000W circular saw, 29A inrush current at start) and I would also like to be able to arc welding.

    I've been able to measure the circular saw inrush current at start, but have no idea how I could get inrush current from the arc welder. I've been told that small new type inverter arc welder would have an inrush current limiter included, but better to be sure before choosing my inverter.

    So could you share your experience has you've been using lots of inverter and also been arc welding ?

    It seem that these low frequency inverter can absorb high inrush current, but also have higher idle current draw that high frequency ones ?

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    Yeah, I heard of this brand, it's popular in China. I also heard of it from my neighbour down the street too. Well from what he said I can't really recommend that you purchase yourself them. In the end game, I wouldn't recommend most things from China. He constantly had to change the batteries for them, never-ending repairs etc. So not so long ago I came across his lands while walking down the street, I noticed he changed the panels to a good pair of 100 Watt Solar Panels They were Monocrystalline solar panels. These panels are the high efficient products of the market (18-25%). He is definitely living a happy life moneywise that's for sure. No more repairs now. I'm actually quite used to seeing them around now. Just my thoughts, figured I might have helped.

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    The only made in China inverter that is worth using is the Cotek, a Tiawanese company, that has their own factory in China. Many others have Cotek build units for them, including Samlex America, and Vanner, an ambulance/fire truck specialist outfit. I have an Cotek SK-1500 that I have been using for 5 years with no issues at all. Recently bought an Cotek SD-1500-124HW from Wind-Sun and very pleased with it. I will be buying a Cotek SD 2000-148 HW model for my next installation. These inverters are stackable in series or parallel configuration and even in a multi-master N+1! a $600 dollar inverter....unheard of. Even MagnaSine and outback do not do multimaster N+1 configurations, only Exeltech does...Wind-Sun does sell these but they need to be drop shipped from manufacturer. I have spoken with tech support in Tiawan and got very good information from them, unlike any Chinese manufacture of electronics gear. I have installed 6 Cotek units so far and never an issue. Good quality Chinese electronics are rare!

    Dont understand N+1 a nutshell let's say you need 4 kW no matter what happens even a inverter failure. you use 3 each 2kw inverters in a N+1=3 installation, any unit can fail and the system will use the other 2, any unit can be "master" in the N+1 multi-master configuration! Every system startup a different inverter is "master" so all inverters have equal run time. Hey Outback, ,MagnaSine,& MidNite. peek at this one....totally groundbreaking

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    MidNite has not released all the info on the B-17 hot swappable inverter but I would it bet does have that N+1 configuration capability, I haven't heard a word about N+1 multi master but boB and crew probably have that in the works.

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    I guess for me the only caveat to the Cotek SD series for me (and i did look at this brand when i was purchasing) is that it is only UL 458 and not UL 1741 or 1741 sa, so it is not suited for in home installations IMHO.

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    My inspectors have no problems with UL 458 for strictly off grid installations, on grid tied or if grid is present ,they do require UL 1741 but then again the last line in the NEC "when in dought refer to the AHJ" The "authority having jurisdiction".......the's about how they interpret the NEC The NEC is a building code.......vehicles and boats are not "buildings" and the NEC does not apply. There are different standards for that

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