Newbie here, need opinions on inverters

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I may have posted this same question before but in the wrong section of this forum, if I did I apologize. 
I'm asking for opinions on which brand/power inverter to buy if I wanna run a fridge or small washing machine during an emergency. I have already installed four 100 watt panels, controller, fuses, kill switch and four 125 amp hr lead acid batteries in parallel. I own a 1200 watt square wave inverter from harbor freight, will it be enough for one of these appliances at a time and never simultaneously? If not, which brand/power inverter would you suggest that would be reliable in the long run? I've looked and xantrex and aims online. 
this system will be kept for emergencies only. 


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    In a pinch, you could use what you have, if there was problems with the washing machine starting while the fridge was running, you could turn it off for the hour the washing machine was running. It might be a little small for some fridges and large top load washing machines. If it was only going to be for emergency use, the square wave might be okay, particularly with older units. We have heard that modern washing machines have issues with square wave (computer control).

    I would go with the Xantrex, Most of the Aims aren't fit to be boat anchors...
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    Precisely what I've found on the Aims brand l, not dependable, thanks for the help. 
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    Little late in jumping in but square wave inverters are not kind on induction motors, eddy currents from the abrupt collapse of the wave form manifest as heat, plug in a small electric fan and you will hear the growl. Square wave is suitable for restive loads where everything is disapated as heat and no windings or laminated  cores are used. Modified SW is a little better but PSW is the way to go. My experience is with Cotek and Samlex, both pretty good, as backup have a Chinese unit which seems ok but unlike the other 2 it generates radio interference, but I hate radio so no loss.
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    Anything that is not modified sine wave junk.

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    Unless the unit is very new/high end  I doubt it will run on < 2000W, but they have larger models
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    Thanks guys
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    Modified sine is fine for most appliances. That said, modern electric blankets would not function due to the incompatibility of MSW current and electronic controls. Those induction motors will start and run, but are somewhat noisier. If you have the money buy PSW, if not run what you brung!
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