Help about lifting solar panel to roof...

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I have a 300W panel and is around 25kg, any idea on how to lift the panel safely and efficiently?



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    I've just slide them along an extension ladder in front of me, If you are uncomfortable with that you could beg, borrow/rent scaffolding. It might surprise you, if you live at all rural, how many people have scaffolding. After I broke down and purchased some I had a couple people say they wish they had know. They could have lent me some.

    If you are talking multiple stories it might be worth asking at a rental place for a shingle lift, I would worry about them on a narrow lift, but I suspect you could devise some method to stabilize.
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    Hire young people!  When I need the help there are always young people who will lift batteries. The H series solar panels are too big for one person so I avoid them. I also never go on a roof including my own. Arrays are best on the ground if you can.

    And as Photowhit said scaffolding or a backhoe.
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    My installer brought all the rails and panels in a horse trailer.  We backed it up right next to my solar shed roof, loaded the panels to the top of the trailer and then on to the roof.  Made a great work platform.
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    Like Dave said, I used young people to get my 12 300 watt panels up on a 9 foot high ground mount rack.
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    My wife and I have a great system worked out for us; we are both 60 plus, off grid, remote and rural.  No young people close by at all. We use our backhoe with forklifts mounted on the front loader.  We clamp a piece of 3/4 inch plywood to the forklift arms and load the solar panels on the plywood flat.  i never do more than three panels at a time to play it safe.  It is so easy to raise up the loader with panels.  Sometimes I have used 2 x 4's to bridge a gap if there is one and then just slide the panel to where you need it.  The backhoe is a Case 580 Construction King so we can raise the loader pretty high.  We do this for roofing material too.  So if you have access to a backhoe might want to give this a try.  We always go slow and easy and never rush.  If the wind is blowing, we do it another day.
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    Being rural, and fifty-somethings ourselves (aside from there being no young people available); I stood at the top of the extension ladder upon our single-story roof while my wife tilted the panels up to the ladder at the base, then she lifted the panel from the bottom while I bend over (holding onto the ladder of course) and grabbed the top of the panel and lifted it onto the roof. Being an off-grid system, we only had to do 5 of these (though BIG panels!). Once you're done, take two Aleve, a shower, drink a beer, and go to bed !
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    I'm 58. Just carried four 75 pound panels over 50 yards then hoisted them unto the roof. Had a glass of cold water and a game of computer Monopoly in celebration. Takes about 18 minutes to win on the computer. Used to take 4 1/2 minutes with a high speed controller on a 1989 Sega set. What happened to technology?
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