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Hello all, question regarding wattage on roof and whats shown on my Mate 3

I have a total of 21 panels for a total of 5805 watts. All panels professionally installed and angled in the correct long and lat.

The maximum I've ever seen with full sun midday is 4.5kW.

Does this mean that the overall system, inverters etc are using the rest or is there some setting I don't have right?

Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Invstbiker,

    That's about right. The power reduction is due mostly to panel losses due to heat, also wiring and in the charge controllers. It all adds up to about 23%. There are other losses in the battery and inverter efficiency, but that shows up as a difference in load consumption and production.    

    A very nice system by the way. 

    I have the GS4048A and am very happy with it.


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    We usually apply a.70 to .75 fudge factor to cover  all losses from panel to battery to end use here, for off grid, so you are at the higher level , roughly, being grid tied,   if you are somewhere that gets minus temps in winter you may see higher output.  Others that are GT will have more precise numbers ...
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    Thanks much, I figured there was some loss but didn't know the +/- % to apply OR if I had a "switch" that I needed to amend. Appreciate the responses!
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    Thanks much, I figured there was some loss but didn't know the +/- % to apply OR if I had a "switch" that I needed to amend. Appreciate the responses!

    You can look up the spec sheet for your panels, often they publish a NOCT value (Normal Operating Cell Temperature)
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