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    Solray said:
    The strike is not the issue most times, it's the charged ions in the air accumulating on components.
    No.  It it was charged ions accumulating, every car radio antenna would fry the radio,

     It's Induced parasitic current/voltage from a nearby strike that takes out gear.   Think of an air core transformer, with the lightning plasma channel being one winding, and your ethernet cable 40 feet away being the other winding.    How efficient would that "40 foot air core transformer" need to be be, to induce a couple hundred volts on the remote wires.  With the lightning being a bazillion volts, less than 1% still leaves enough juice to fry your gear.  Even at 60 or 100 feet away, stuff will be fried, or damaged to the point it dies in weeks.
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    Car radio antennas are not grounded. :)

    A moving thunderstorm also gathers positively charged particles along the ground that travel with the storm. As the differences in charges continue to increase, positively charged particles rise up tall objects such as trees, houses, solar arrays, and telephone poles—and people.
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    Not all cloud to ground strikes are negative cloud, positive ground, most are but the reverse can occur and are generally 10 times the strength. Lighting dose hit cars, the tires are no match for something that has just traveled miles through air, the occupants are usually unharmed, Faraday effect, but electrical system failure, and tire failure are common.
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    Induced voltage from lightning is helped by surge suppressors.

    "Bell Labs determined through experimentation that a lightning strike almost a mile away from phone lines would induce 35+ volts per meter (39") of exposed wire. "

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    Many years ago my vehicle was hit by lightning in the mountains on a paved highway with a ponderosa forest bordering each side of the roadway.

    When I pulled off, two tires had plenty of small holes in the sidewalls, the antenna was melted, evic computer fried, and there was a large round burnt dent in the roof.

    Sheriff and the garage where it was towed were understandably enlightened as was I and my passengers!

    Another learning experience. . .

    Then, a few days ago lightning struck one of our desert century plant 20' fluorescents during an electrical storm. Curious how it behaves.

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    Fascinating thread!      B)
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