Solar inverter MUST brand from china

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Anybody knows about this company  or other chinese  inverters manufacturers. MUST offers only one year warranty.

But the price are fair I think

Plse let me know


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    The brand is quite common in Asia and see them in stores here but haven't tried one, if the price is right try one out, you might be pleasantly surprised.
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    Did  you check out your reply to the question you asked yesterday?
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    Hi Robocop - we are a solar company and know of MUST in china - have been there recently-service is not existent, you will pay for every thing - we had complete shipments 5 ubits at the time blow up in the first day of test.Toget this fixed it took MUST nearly 1 year - so be carefull
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    there is also e web site "" this will give you some idea of Chinese factories.After working there for nearly 6 years - there are not many "real" factories.They are mostly giant assembly plants - and MUST is one of them
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    I am running the PH3000 from MUST..........
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    Hi Gi Solar you have been there for 6 yrs?

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    hi i both one pv4000 it last 16 months the control board is completly corroded try to get to bay a new control board but they can not dilliver one very bad service very bad
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