sealed, gel and lead acid setting on charge controller

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what happens if u use the wrong setting on your charge controller?? for example if I have sealed batteries and have my controller set for gel or flooded... curious to know what this does to batteries 


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    Some sealed batteries need lower charging voltages. Too high, they can vent gasses with irreversible loss of capacity. Conversely, a flooded battery charged at too low voltage can form hardened sulfate over time, also with irreversible loss of capacity.
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    Pre-canned settings can sometimes be wrong. Measure the actual voltage coming from the charge controller and match it to the manufacturers guidelines - mystery solved.

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    +1 on what Marc said.   The generalization that the charge controller is doing is dangerous and the "wrong" setting might actually be better for some batteries.
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    Generally gel and AGM have no way to vent gasses so a lower voltage may be needed. While a higher voltage can help flooded batteries.

    Though I do wonder about the rigor of the science behind some recommendations. 
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