Schneider Conext XW+ = What nightmares are made of



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    It's taken me about a week of sun, to get my bank fully charged up, after a week of cloudy, stormy weather.  But if I adjust my absorb time to do it quicker, then in summer w/out clouds, I'm really gassing and watering the batteries like mad.

    You need to set your absorb times to 4 or 6 hours for a couple days, see how that goes, watch your over night voltages, when they don't sag too much overnight, then you are close to fully charged.
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    I do not believe there is any limiting in your system beside the battery itself!

     No way that it does what you say if it supplies loads and does not voltage sag.

      OK, coffee starting to work, there is one way, are your chargers set at 100%? It is the default BTW !
    Yep, 100%. So you might be right, it's just the chemistry then, and more volts will help.
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    The firmware revision is released on case by case because of the danger at this voltage and other reasons I seem to remember. My email is below for my business. Send me an e-mail and I will pass it on. Have you done firmware? It does take some skill and unless you remove the mppts from the inverter network, the AC power will go out. Not good to depend on the battery in a laptop to power the Dongle. This must be thought out as people have done some very bad things offgrid to their equipment in very remote places.  That is my standard warning :)

    Part of your problem is how inefficient the battery is. If you look at my screenshot of a Lion battery the current drops in about 2 hours or so. The battery is just about fully charged and its internal shunt gives the Soc info to combox,  they are expensive now but perfect for offgrid because they charge so fast on bad days in winter. Mine may outlive me with zero maintenance. What was that huge spike in your current for hours after dark for hours?

    Super!! I'll send you an email, that would be awesome.

    I have smaller system for backup, so I can do the upgrade on a different supply. I can imagine that you could get caught :)!!

    One reason that I chose NiFe is that we don't really have bad days in winter, it's the dry season so shorter days, but almost 100% sunny. Battery efficiency vs maintenance  and price was the hard trade-off... I chose longevity, so hopefully thtat was the right choice. Li  was still a bit uncertain a year ago.

    My turn now, off to work...

    thanks a lot for the help...

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    Suggestion for anyone doing a firmware upgrade for the first time. Practice on a non critical part of the system like the SCP or a battery monitor in an Outback. Also, make sure all of the other devices are current along with the one you need to do.
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